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Thu May 2, 2013, 10:07 PM
olivelove (19 posts)

Having problem with Teahadist partner

We own a business together. Lately he's been educating me on reality. I'll list some of his truths.

- Sandyhook did not happen. It's a ploy to confiscate guns.
- Boston bombing never happened. Same ploy.
- There's a cabal of ultra zillionaires planning on depopulating earth to only 500,000,000.
- Ben Bernake is our biggest enemy.
- The twin towers were leveled by a secret weapon that was designed by the Mossad.
- Getting back to the gold standard is paramount.

Now I know this sound like garden variety teahadists lunacy. But I need to maintain this partnership and
he's pressuring me to take time to learn these facts. He really doesn't know I'm a progressive. He thinks
I'm a hippy with no real convictions because I don't reveal my leanings to him, he'd explode.

What to do? I've ended other relationships due to this, but this one would not be good for me financially.
How dare they make fun of Octafish like that!!!!