I signed my daughter up for summer camp at our local Y yesterday. In order to get a better rate, I had to sign up for membership...which pays for itself.

I went to the gym for years, before I had my daughter, and never went back.

I hate gyms, I hate the smells, I hate the dumb guys, and the girls who just go to be stared at..never breaking a sweat.

The Y seems different...the people seem normal. I may actually like going back to the gym, even though my reason for joining was to get a better rate..lol...but maybe it will be good for me. I'm looking forward to using the pools with my daughter and swimming lessons are included in my daughter's summer camp. I want to get back into swimming laps.

I joined up with the Family plan so my kid can sign up for sports teams and the like.

I haven't worked out in nearly 4 years...my out of shape ass is going to be cursing me out when I get back into it. I'm not that fat, but I have lost all my muscle tone.