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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawkgirl View Post
    She is pretty, but no, that's not the look I'm going for.
    You could beat the snot out of office pet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawkgirl View Post
    What about just swimming laps, doesn't that burn more calories? When I first moved to Florida, all I did was swim, every day, or 6 days a week. Continuous laps for about 40 minutes. I was toned and fit. I also want to do some strength training with free weights and the machines.

    I'd like to try a Zumba class and their yoga classes too...Back in the day I did Bikram yoga 3 times a week, basically it's yoga in 98 degree weather...oh man did you SWEAT! It felt awesome after. I followed it with some nonfat frozen yogurt for lunch after a morning class.

    Man, a kid makes you a different person...I need to get back to that.
    Any cardio will work, but the advantage of the water walk is that it speeds you up for walking or running without any damage to your joints. The critical thing is to start slowly and work gradually up to more difficult exercises. If you try to do too much at first, you'll injure yourself and get discouraged.

    Zumba and yoga are great for cardio and flexibility, respectively, and both provide lots of women in revealing outfits, which does wonders for my cardio.
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    Good for you.

    I swim laps almost daily. I have lost a lot of weight, but at this point, I'm kind of at a plateau, probably because I need to diet and I don't want to diet. Still, though, I went from morbidly obese to pleasantly plump, which makes a big difference with my basic overall health. I'm thinking of buying a bicycle to pump up my working out by adding something new to the routine. I hate gyms and gym equipment. I hate weights, exercise machines and my knees cannot handle those elipiticals. Exercise has to be something I like to do, or I won't do it. I like swimming and I like riding bikes in the outdoors (not stationary bikes inside).
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