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  1. #1 What a waste: Four easy cuts to save us $27.5 billion 
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    For at least a couple of Presidents now, I have been saying that the government should sell off some real estate.

    They don't. Even when the federal government or military abandons a property, they often simple give it to a state or municipality for use as a park or government function.

    Many of our military bases in prime markets could have their activities relocated to low rent markets and their premium properties sold. There was no excuse for not developing The Presidio. Any base in California or Hawaii that isn't located strategically is occupying expensive dirt.

    By the same token, I have proposed moving the Congress to East Iceberg Alaska as a deterrent to Congress spending too much time writing laws and having sex with lobbyists.
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    I don't understand the milk thing. There are at least a dozen dairy farms in Salem County alone. There are plenty of dairy farms in places other than Wisconsin.
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