Now living in Florida one of the things you have is hard/bad tasting water.
Personally I think the water is fine but SLW will disagree.

Another is companies trying to sell you systems to treat/filter it...

For years I have resisted talking to these people but last week I was in a good
mood and a nice lady called that sounded like my departed grandmother so I
listened to a "survey" that ended with a pitch to have a guy come out and
test our water. He was here yesterday and I give the kid an A+ for the
sales job. And no, we haven't bought anything. Yet.

I don't want to mention the system name yet but does anyone have a whole
house water treatment system, who puts it out, and what do you think
of it???? Would you recommend it or is it a POS???

PM me if you don't want to answer out in the open. Thanks!!