I had my first experience with AAA Auto Repair today. Ive been a AAA member for a couple of years but have not needed to use any of their services thankfully. I have used their travel services.

I just had my car into the dealership for some major issues about a month ago so I was not in the mood to see them again. I decided that since this problem was relatively small and I knew exactly what needed to be done (motor mounts needed replaced), I would give AAA a try.

There is a AAA Auto Repair shop about five miles from my house. There are other auto repair places in between my apartment and AAA, some even AAA-approved, but I thought I might get better service with AAA directly since they have a reputation to uphold.

So, I called them up at 7 this morning and explained the problem. They said it would be no problem to replace the parts needed.

Not expecting to get in until tomorrow at the earliest, I asked, When is the earliest I can get in?

The service advisor said, We have plenty of slots. Come in anytime. Just ask for me.

I get over there about 20 minutes later and meet the service advisor. He sits me down in his office, taps away at the computer, lists off each part needed and the cost, labor cost, etc. With my AAA membership I got a 10 percent discount on labor, plus I had a $5 off coupon.

I received a printed estimate without asking.

I asked what time he thought the work might be complete. He told me around 4:30 or 5 this afternoon. Thats about what I was expecting.

They have a free shuttle, so I was able to get a ride to work without having to harass someone else. While in the waiting area, I noticed two other women there having their cars worked on as well. This was comforting to me. I loathe having to get my car fixed because I always feel like the service advisors are speaking to me in a foreign language and I generally feel like shit at the end of the day after having to argue over unnecessary repairs and charges.

At 10:30, I received a call from my service advisor letting me know the work was complete and I could pick up my car at any time. I was stunned.

A co-worker and I moseyed back over to the repair shop to pick up my vehicle. Runs much better now.
This has been absolutely one of the best car repair experiences I have ever had. I know AAA has a good reputation, but damn. Im in love.