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To school boys a transexual male is a homosexual. How many guys did you go to school with who would pretend to be a homosexual?
When I went to high school? None that I know of, but that was decades ago. Today's schools are much more likely to ben over backwards for any kid who kicks up the diversity hornets' nest, so I cannot say that it won't happen any more than you can argue the opposite. However, if you're right, and nobody would do such a thing, but we keep the bathrooms segregated, no harm, no foul. If I'm right, and somebody does try to game the integrated bathrooms, then you have the opportunity for assaults and other sexual crimes. Prudence would dictate the safer course of action.

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Look at it this way: A transgender child believes that he is a female. A fundy christian believes the earth is 6000 years old. A Mormon believes that ancient Jews lived in North America and were killed by the Indians. One of those idiocies can be reasonably accommodated in an academic environment, the other two are incompatible.
Religion is not sexual orientation. The transgender child going into the wrong bathroom puts him/herself and others at risk. The Christians and Mormons don't. There is no analogy here. Imagine the locker room scene in Carrie played out in a boys' locker room with a confused and sexually ambiguous girl being subjected to the abuse of a gang of boys rather than girls and you get an idea of the potential risks.

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Locker rooms and bathrooms at K-12 schools should be sex-gregated (I made up a word!). Pre-surgical trannies should use the locker room for the gender they are now, not what they are going to be once they have the surgery. If a boy has a penis, he should not be in the girls locker room. If a girl has girl parts, she shouldn't be in the boy's locker room.

Actually, I think any restroom or locker room should be for the gender the sign says it's for, not for pre-op trannies. Once the operation is done, okay, use that bathroom. But until then....

And no doctor should ever perform a sex change operation on anyone under 18 years old, nor should they prescribe female/male hormones to anyone under age 18 for gender-switching purposes. Even if the parents are asking for it to be done for their child.
I concur. The plumbing of the child should match the plumbing of the bathroom.