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    Quote Originally Posted by Odysseus View Post

    Go back and read his posts. That's not what he is saying.

    I've read his posts. He's making excuses for and a point...what these two idiots are doing to this kid. And he's trying to use some stupid analogy of the harmfulness of morality and faith to justify it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by noonwitch View Post
    As I've said before, I think sex-change operations are wrong. I don't think doctors should perform them.

    I don't think that the person who thinks he or she is really the opposite gender is a bad person. I just think that there are better ways to cope than spend the rest of your life taking synthetic hormones and receiving a lifelong series of surgeries.

    In this case, I don't think the parents are doing this because they are lesbians, they are maybe more open to the proposed solution because of their sexuality. Someone suggested it to them, most likely the doctor who makes his living off of prescribing hormones to trannies. Giving an 8 year old hormones is not a good idea.
    That is quite possible.
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    The fact that there are people who have had reversals should cause medicine to look in a different direction for the treatment of gender dysphoria. Not to be cruel, but in the realm of perceptual disorders people have been known to believe themselves to be not only of a different sex, but a different species. Obviously, we wouldn't recommend pharmaceutical and surgical therapies for a person who imagines that she is a unicorn or a Klingon.
    Why not? Why does it only go for sexual disorders? In fact, there are people who've had themselves surgically altered to look like animals. The human lizard for example:

    The human tiger:

    Just 2 examples. But why stop at physical appearances? I want to be a doctor. Why can't I just start operating on people? I want to be a race car driver but NASCAR won't let me onto the track without the proper training. I want to play in the NBA so should I sue if no team signs me? Simply wanting something is not good enough. When you start to remove logic, the rest simply falls apart.

    Morality is about hurting people, other people. Not hurting them is moral, hurting them is immoral. It's pretty simple. If some woman (or girl) wants to call herself Ralph and wear overalls it's none of our business. If some man (or boy) wants to call himself Champagne and wear evening gowns to church, it's none of our business. Live and fucking let live. Otherwise, we can start taking a good look at who you are and what you do... and few people want that.
    Anyone want to know what moral relativism looks like needs to read this statement.
    The American Left: Where everything is politics and politics is everything.
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