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    That was a show we watched as a family when I was a teen. That, Kotter, Laverne/Shirley, and The White Shadow.

    I think part of the reason it had a short run is due to the fact that the lead character's last name was Hinkley, a name that became very unpopular in early 1981. But I loved the scenes when Ralph Hinkley was learning to use the flying suit, and he kept crashing into stuff. Or the way he flopped around while he was flying. Plus, anything with Robert Culp was good in those days.
    I go back and watch shows like that (Buck Rogers, Battlestar Galactica, etc) and see the special effects they used and watching it in HD makes me think they weren't so special.
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    I hope they bring back a few of the shows that we have started watching recently:

    Dark Blue
    The Americans
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