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  1. #1 KUCHINICH is getting on my nerves. There he is on Faux giving aid and comfort to Faux 
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    DUmmies most upset...

    Sun May 12, 2013, 11:52 AM

    KUCHINICH is getting on my nerves. There he is on Faux giving aid and comfort to Fauxers

    I get that he always goes his own way apart from party.

    It's the Chris WALLACE circus eating it up. First KUCHINICH trotted along with all the wingnut version of Benghazi, then with the IRS thing, he replied to WALLACE asking whether it was "political targeting," "How could it NOT be?!1"
    God these fools are just pathetic...
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SarasotaRepub View Post
    DUmmies most upset...

    God these fools are just pathetic...
    Amazing how he's there hero/president/savior of America/political genius...right up to the point he says something that doesn't fit with the approved talking points.

    Fickle little fascists is what they are.
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    1. I have never trusted that man. He's more Republican than he is Democrat

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    and always has been. That's why I couldn't understand why so many Liberals liked him so much. He was all hat no cattle as a "Liberal". And now, it appears, he's shown his true colors.
    Kuchinich is more Republican than Democrat? Haahahahahahahhahahhhhaaaaaa

    Duers. Only. care. about. saving. Obamas. Butt.

    They don't care what the truth is.
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    14. unlike, say,


    the "liberal" who gave us the permanent Bush tax cuts

    and keeps trying for the chained CPI

    and other bizarre proposals - like lowering the top tax rate.

    But, yeah, saying a few words on Fox news has got to be far, far worse than that.
    Cuz, you know, Duers claim Obama is CENTER RIGHT, not liberal.
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    7. Yup.

    The IRS SHOULD be politically targeting conservative groups.

    Since Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally, conservative groups should be targeted to see if their tax-exempt funds are being used in proper ways.

    The OP's shoulder must be sore from the chip that rests on it.
    So they believe that when there is a Republican president that it is fair and right to target left wing groups for extra scrutiny and demands for donor lists and contacts??

    Not all agree.

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    5. "How could it not be"?

    Sounds accurate to me.

    What you think differently?
    Enrique (22,500 posts)
    8. enforcing campaign finance laws

    I am assuming they were targeting those groups because they are more likely to be abusing the tax-exempt status, not because of their politics. The idea that this is a Nixonian abuse of power seems remote to me.
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    15. Try again.

    The Federal Election Commission enforces campaign finance laws not the IRS. The IRS has admitted they were targeting groups in the application process that used words like "constitution", "Bill of rights", and "patriot". You may be ok with that but liberals are not. Some of us remember that was one of the impeachment counts against Nixon.
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    Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Kookcinich is now an unperson at DU. HHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!


    LMAO! DU drones are soooo funny!
    Olde-style, states' rights conservative. Ask if this concept confuses you.
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