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My new favorite smart phone. Blows away anything I've used so far.

Household 6 is an iPhone fan. I bought this one outright (and unlocked) so she can get either the 5 or the 5 S this summer when we renew our contract.

SR once you get that smart phone up and running you'll wonder why you didn't get one sooner.

The Galxy S4 kills the Blackberry lol. And from what I am seeing about the iPhone 6, it will also. I do hope blackberry turns around and is more successful. It is good that they are getting with the times.

The advantage the blackberry has is that it can run Droid apps on it. So that is pretty cool.

Another note: There is a law getting passed that all phones from any cell carrier must be unlocked. That way if a customer decides to switch, they won't be forced to buy a new phone as well.