Wife and I have to put another cat down. His health had been declining over the past year and now he's not eating. We adopted him in 1999 from a shelter in Tucson. He was a year ld when we got him. He was supposedly found in a house with about 20 other cats. When we saw him, we knew we had to have him. He never got close to my wife or any other female which leads me to believe that the old lady he lived with before us had abused him. He was deathly afraid of women. But I bonded with him as best I could. He would sit with me on the couch but always remained skittish. He bonded with our other cats and traveled with us from Arizona to North Carolina then back to NJ. He's an old man who's time has come. I'll miss him and sad to lose him. He had a rough start and I hope we made things easier for him.