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  1. #1 DUers in LaLa land: I Would Like to Point Out That During This Wild Week Of Mud, Lie 
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    They have quite the capacity for denial, and for believing whatever they are told even when it isn't the truth.

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    I Would Like to Point Out That During This Wild Week Of Mud, Lies, Hysteria and Pain
    While Obama was dragged into the mud over the IRS, and the AP Story looked so wretched, and even liberals were sounding pretty mad at Obama, and then Rubio and Cruz and then one Republican after another came out screaming for blood...

    And everyone's emotions were being see-sawed back and forth... then the facts started coming out Obama stood tall and the Republicans, it ends up, asked for the AP Investigation, also seems the emails were edited and misreported, and Rubio and the Republicans kind of looked like stupid asshats, then they ask for a vote on Obamacare, just so they can PROVE to the American public that they still haven't changed a damned thing nor learned a damned thing.

    And over there Elizabeth Warren was in round three of a boxing match landing blow after blow and proving she's the new Joe Biden of the Senate and, perhaps, one hell of a VP Candidate.

    And while all that crap was going on... Hillary Clinton was on a beach somewhere, having a mimosa, getting a massage and her hair colored. Maybe a little nip and tuck then a vacation in the sun somewhere. Yeah, while all that mayhem was happening, Hillary Clinton was resting, having a little sleep in, maybe went to lunch with Bill or Chelsea. She might have read a book.

    Or she might have watched the news and had a chuckle or two as she watched her rivals twisting in the wind.

    Either way, she was just off getting rested and stronger while everyone else took a beating. That's good politics.
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    1. Really?

    Pretty presumtuous of you to speculate about Clinton"s possible activities and the activities speculated about sound so misogynistic.
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    2. Lighten up! I was enjoying the fantasy, hoping at least some of it is true
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    3. I love your posts-thank you!

    It's been a week, for sure!
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    4. Hell, I'm a feminist and I think Hillary deserves to be doing all those things if that's what she...

    feels like doing.

    I actually enjoyed your whole OP a lot. It gave me a little chuckle due to the high probability of truth in it
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    Hilary Clinton is the next messiah for those retards. Everyone knows that she will be the Dem nominee in 2016. I wouldn't be surprised if no other Dem runs when she officially announces it. They will be treating her like she already won the whole time. Then when election night comes up and she loses by a land slide, there will be mass suicides in the streets.

    Sorry I was fantasizing there.

    I love my God, my country, my flag, and my troops ....
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    It sounds like DonRedwood has already had a few drinks himself.....
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    If ask the Moonbats if any of the things that Nixon did ( IRS targetting, phone taps, cover-ups) were a crime; then how is it when Obama doesn't, there is no crime?

    Then of course they also seem to practice the belief that when a Democrat does it, its never a crime, and for everyone else, it is.
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