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  1. #1 why republican rhetoric scares me 
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    why republican rhetoric scares me
    often it's not even subtle, but in any event, it usually amounts to an attitude that "america" legitimately consists of republicans only, and the rest of us are the enemy and what really frustrates them is dammit why aren't they allowed to just kill us already?

    i do know some republicans who are perfectly decent people, especially if you can keep them off political issues. but many of them are so hyper-partisan that they can't help themselves, and one gets the impression they're just champing at the bit to start shooting libruls.

    one can be partisan, even highly partisan, while still respecting the other side as legitimate; fellow americans with whom you just happen to disagree. strongly. that's fine.

    but the de-legitimization of the anyone who disagrees is scary, and not very far from something very, very heinous.
    *snort* This, said with a straight face I'm sure, from someone with 23,736 comments on DU.
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    Honestly, what a fucking moron.
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    what really frustrates them is dammit why aren't they allowed to just kill us already?
    No, I don't want to just kill you already.

    I do want to smack some sense into you on a daily basis, whether you need it not, though. And make sure all your Democrat wimmins know how to make sammiches.
    Be Not Afraid.
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    2. These types have always existed.

    However, they only had a national platform with the rise of hate radio.
    I guess Reagan was elected due to "hate radio."

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    3. exactly. once upon a time the media had the good sense and decency to ignore them.
    Yes, the media should ignore how roughly half of the population leans politically. Not to mention the decidely LIBRUL bias the majoirty of media has.

    There's some extra strong stupid in that thread - and they're only three posts in.
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