Metro-North Trains Collide in Connecticut, 60 Injured
wo Metro-North commuter trains collided in Connecticut during the Friday evening rush hour after one train derailed and struck a second train, injuring 60 people, five critically, officials said.

An eastbound train derailed at about 6:10 p.m. and struck a westbound train between the Fairfield and Bridgeport stations, an MTA official told NBC News.

"We came to a sudden halt. We were jerked. There was smoke," said Alex Cohen, a Canadian passenger on the westbound train en route to New York. "People were screaming; people were really nervous. We were pretty shaken up. They had to smash a window to get us out."

There were no fatalities, according to Lt. James Perez of Fairfield Police. Both trains were evacuated.
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More train related violence, nothing to see here move along.