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    Thank you. SR and I have been discussing this at home. He thinks Obama will skate. I think that there is some justice in the world. Call me naive, but I think that you can only push things so far before there is a push-back. The Obama administration has become way too over confident.

    As an ex-English major, the Obama administration is the embodiment of the fatal consequences of ego. The "ego" comes before the fall, sort of the fatal flaw that leads to a tragic ending. Obama thinks that there is no reckoning, that he rises above the law. I'm hoping there are enough good men and women who will stand up and say "enough".

    Think of Lady Macbeth and her "out out damned spot" cries. Obama might just find that he can't erase the blood of those butchered in Benghazi. And Americans have always been distrustful of the IRS. Now his administration has given a basis for their fears, made them more tangible.

    The Tea Party had been damaged by the IRS policies and the constant scorn of the dems and the press. But now they seem to be emerging stronger than ever. They're getting perhaps too strident. Somehow I'm on their email list, and have been receiving way too many emails. At least I'm being kept current on all the latest Obama scandals, courtesy of the Tea Party.

    I'm hoping that this builds to a critical mass. We were at a subdivision picnic Saturday. I heard many people talking about politics, guys saying "I didn't vote for him". This is the first time when I've heard such discussions at the little get-togethers. Usually folks are more careful and avoid political topics.

    If they don't get Obama with an impeachment, they should take down some of his subordinates. His standing in history shouldn't be honorable. The word honor is besmirched by Obama. He doesn't have a clue to its meaning.
    Obama's impeachment is the last thing we want. It's emotionally satisfying to think that he finally "gets his," but in realpolitik, impeachment is a disaster for conservatives. Two possible outcomes:

    1.) He is both impeached and removed from office. This would be the first time in American history that this has actually happened (although chances were that Nixon would have been removed from office had it gotten that far). In reality, there is almost no way that this process starts and is completed before January 20 of next year. We get President Biden, and a truly energized far Left kook base, angry that the lord and savior has been taken down a notch, and they GOTV for Biden in droves. We're looking at a potential ten-year Biden Presidency. Ugh.

    2.) He is impeached and not removed from office. Then we would see what we have always seen in these matters: the "aggrieved" party gets a huge amount of sympathy and the President, weakened to complete irrelevance in the United States, suddenly has the sympathy of most of the people who see him as having been wrongfully accused, or else the accusations were over-blown. We still see this to this very day with Clinton. Twenty years after the fact, the Left and the "mushy middle" all think that Clinton was impeached over a blowjob and that it was the wrong thing to do, and he gained a lot more stature in the end because of it.

    The thing to do is to not impeach Obama, but just keep him completely irrelevant. No relevance, no ability to push any of his agenda any more, and the Democrats will have no coattails. They won't be able to fight back against even Captain Milquetoast, the Speaker of the House, on relatively pedestrian Congressional matters, most particularly spending. Obamacare can get de-funded and the Left will not have the bully pulpit from which to shout about it. We won't be able to completely un-do Obamacare so long as he's in office, but we can basically gut it to the point that it's a tenth of what it is even today, before full implementation. Then after Obama slinks out of the White House in disgrace, after the Democrats lose their ass in the mid-terms next year, we can finally eradicate that cancer from this country before it does any more damage.

    A hurt, weakened, impotent, lame-duck Obama is much, MUCH more preferable than an impeached and sympathetic one.
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    Fox News reporters knew they were being looked at. Sean Hannity was saying for a while how he is on Obama's enemy list. All the conservative side of reporting is. They probably had the secret service watching all of them, and anyone who doesn't follow The One will be silenced. But hey, if W would have done this, the MSM would going nuts!

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