This is the same loser that's going to Hawaii shortly with the parents...

Mon May 20, 2013, 01:02 AM

Anyone here ever live on the street for any period?

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I think I may end up there. Not due to financial circumstances, but due to emotional ones. Life long depression and anxiety. And the emotional development of a 15 year old in a 31 year old body, due to Social Anxiety and parents that have enabled me all my life. I'm kind of in a dark place.

I know I'm supposed to not want to end up living on the street. But it feels to me more life factual knowledge than something I myself feel instinctively. I have no gut reaction, no visceral feeling. My father says "you don't want to end up there" to which I answer a robotic "no" but some part of me really doesn't care it seems.

The truth is if it happens I most certainly deserve it what with the 100 and 1 opportunities I've squandered. And since I can't kill myself maybe it would be the next best thing to unburden my family of myself. At any rate. Has anyone here ever lived on the street for any period?
And then asks the DUmmies for advice...