Desi doesn't eat much. He only weighs a little less than six pounds so there isn't much room for variation there, unlike my Rottie who played with 10 pounds back and forth between 90lbs and 100lbs.

Anyway, while he will eat a little something from the bowls of dry and canned food, he prefers to eat canned food from my hand. So I feel a little silly standing there in the morning as the coffee is brewing, having a Chihuahua eat canned food from my finger tips. He seems to like it, and I don't mind even though I think it's a bit odd. Then again, he's a Chihuahua, he does a lot of odd stuff. Last night, for no apparent reason he spooked and did the flying puppy routine from one end of the couch, briefly landing and relaunching from my face on his way to the floor.