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It's Gomorrah. Did you ever wonder what happened in Gomorrah? The Bible never gives much detail, but I just happen to know cause I'm a mensch that way.

Gomorrah's where Abraham's third cousin once removed, Hirschel, lived. He got visited by two goyim who showed up at his door like a couple of shnorrers looking to schmooze with him and his family. They were enjoying a nosh when a bunch of schmegeggies showed up at Hirchel's door and started kvetching about the strangers he was entertaining and insisting that they wanted to shtup them in the tukhus. Hirchel would have no part of it and said "Shtup one of my kinder if you must huck a tukhus, you mamzers.

The Gomorrahtites said that they had their hearts set on the two machers visiting Hirschel. Before Hirschel could answer the men, his two guests stepped forward, raised their hands, and made the throng of tukhus hucking nudniks as blind eyeless bats. They then told Hirchel to quit that meshuggah shtetl and not look back lest G-d potch him the way He did the sightless schmos outside his house.

Needless to say, Hirschel took heed and got the hell out of Gomorrah along with his family. Unfortunately, his wife decided to be a schlemiel and looked back at the city. The next thing you know the meshuggeneh is saltier than a side of belly lox. Meanwhile, G-d wipes Gomorrah off the map with a nice blend of hail and brimstone and Hirschel said, "Oy vey, that'll teach the feygelehs!"

No need to thank me. :)

I didn't think of it that way. But is that where it was located?