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  1. #1 Republicans criticize Obama over call for repeal of 2001 use of force law 
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    President Obama drew sharp criticism from Republican senators Thursday for urging the repeal of the 2001 law that effectively authorized the war on terror.

    Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., claimed the president was assuming Al Qaeda is "on the run," calling that mindset "really incredible."

    The president addressed the law, known as the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF), toward the end of an hour-long speech largely devoted to explaining and defending his administration's lethal drone program. He even referenced the fact that America is at war in defending the legality of the drone strikes.

    But Obama made clear that his ultimate goal is to update, and then repeal, the use of force law, saying he wants to fight terrorism without keeping the country on a "perpetual war-time footing."

    Balance at link......

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    Quote Originally Posted by TVDOC View Post
    In the last year, al Qaeda has assassinated a US ambassador in Libya, taken over part of Mali and established itself in Libya and Syria, not to mention inspiring a bombing in Boston. They may be on the run, but they are not dead, and the best way to resurrect them is to give them the time to recover, regroup and rearm.
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    Naturally, even with recent world and national events, liberals will continue to call the war on terror a waste of money and simply a way to make the Bush family rich.

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