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    The US government in the forms of the FBI and DOJ make it almost impossible to evaluate interracial crime IF the offenders are black. Nevertheless, data do exist if one looks for them, is able to interpret them, and then performs the calculations needed to analyze them. There is one "Table" in particular, Table #42, that's kept by The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS). That table provides data on the race of victims, and the race of offenders for various forms of crime. Even that Table, however, attempts to "hide" the statistics by including some as total numbers and others as percentages. Only by adjusting the percentages into actual numbers can one understand the extent and nature of interracial crime. It's interesting to note that whereas Table #42 was included regularly on the BJS website for more than ten years straight, no data has been added in those Tables since...... 2007! Coincidence?

    There are three (3) categories of "Violent" crime that stand out in BJS Table #42. Those categories are "Completed Violence", "Forcible Rape/Sexual Assault", and "Assault" (both Simple & Aggravated). How often have we heard leftwing black AND white race-baiters claim that whites abuse blacks??? There are too many to count. The leftwing race-baiters blame Whites for everything, demonizing whites in the minds of black citizens. These race-baiting demagogues are responsible for what's become an all-out epidemic of hatred and violence perpetrated by blacks against whites. The race-baiting leftists have virtually Justified such violence! WHAT are the real Facts about interracial crime?

    I researched the three categories of violent crime listed above. I used the four most-recent years for which data exist, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007. Following are the averages of those interracial crimes:

    COMPLETED VIOLENCE: Whites committed such crimes against blacks 3.1% of the time. Blacks, on the other hand, committed that crime against whites 44.8% of the time.

    FORCIBLE RAPE/SEXUAL ASSAULT: Whites committed such crimes against blacks 0% of the time. That means that less than ten cases were committed each year 2004-2007, and could not even be quantified as a percentage. During those same years, blacks committed such crimes against whites 58% of the time. Blacks committed these crimes more against whites than against those of their own race! Before some race-baiting leftist tells us that white women asked to be sexually abused by blacks, they should consider the fact that a good number of such assaults resulted in the beating, torture, and death of the white females!!! Black racists view the rape of white females to be a "Corrective Crime", aimed at punishing whites for the perceived abuse of blacks!

    ASSAULT: Whites committed such crimes against blacks 4.1% of the time. Blacks committed assaults against whites 46% of the time.

    The 2 conclusions drawn from these statistics are clear. (1) Whites commit violent crimes against blacks less than 5% of the time. (2) Blacks commit violent crimes against whites virtually 50% of the time. Many blacks specifically target white people for violence! Whites seldom target blacks for violence these days, and haven't for a LONG TIME!

    Those who espouse the LIE about "black-on-black" violence are misleading us. Blacks commit violence against blacks about 1/2 of the time. Whites, on the other hand, commit violence against whites 95% of the time. Conclusion? The safest place for any black citizen to be is with WHITE citizens! They stand almost no chance of being the target of violence!
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