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  1. #1 Mexican court frees Arizona mom accused of drug smuggling 
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    From Rafael Romo, Senior Latin American Affairs Editor
    updated 5:29 AM EDT, Fri May 31, 2013

    Nogales, Mexico (CNN) -- A Mexican court released an American woman detained over allegations she tried to smuggle 12 pounds of marijuana under a bus seat.

    Yanira Maldonado, an Arizona resident and mother of seven, had denied the charges. She was released Thursday night after the court determined that the prosecutors did not provide evidence.

    Her husband, Gary Maldonado, tearfully embraced his wife after she was released. They headed back to Arizona early Friday morning.

    The case has sparked widespread media coverage and attention from U.S. lawmakers as family members pushed for her freedom.
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    Such good news. I think it helped when guys like O'Reilly questioned why anyone would want to go to Mexico, particularly if they kept the Mormon mom of 7 in jail on a set up. I lived in San Antonio years ago and would periodically go to Mexico with some of my friends to buy large Mexican clay pots for the patio and miscellaneous silver jewelry. Even then it was so dangerous. A friend originally from England talked me out of going across the border as there was so much trouble with violence then (over 30 years ago). Her hubby was in the Army and strongly advised against going.

    It might have been a bit more expensive to buy those pots in the tourist market in San Antonio but it certainly was worth it for the safety factor.

    Good for O'Reilly to stand up for that woman. He might be a bully at times, but sometimes that threat of a big mouth every night telling folks not to go to a country where you can be shaken down by a corrupt system is a good thing.

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    I'm glad that she was freed.

    There are places in Mexico I'd like to see, but they are not in the border areas. I'd love to see Mexico City, the Shrine of Nuestra Seniora de Guadalupe, the Aztec ruins, and to ride the street car system that once graced the streets of Detroit.

    Also, I have a friend who lives in a city a couple hours drive from Mexico City, and I'd like to see her and her family. And the Mayan ruins on the Yucatan penninsula are supposedly cool, I'd like to see them, also.

    I could fly to Mexico City, though, and deal with border crossing that way, instead of behind the wheel of a car or as a passenger on a bus.
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