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  1. #1 'There's just no rest' as new twisters kill 5 in tornado-traumatized Oklahoma 
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    By Ben Brumfield, Holly Yan and George Howell, CNN
    updated 8:08 AM EDT, Sat June 1, 2013

    Union City, Oklahoma (CNN) -- The full scale of the destruction wrought by five new tornadoes that plowed through the Oklahoma City area became apparent in the light of day Saturday.

    Friday evening's twisters killed at least five people, less than two weeks after a monstrous tornado made rubble of the town of Moore, a suburb of Oklahoma City.

    In all, 17 tornadoes were reported in the Midwest. The number was expected to change when officials conduct storm surveys, said Kurt Van Speybroeck, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

    And while the twisters damaged houses in Missouri and Illinois, the brunt of its force was reserved for Oklahoma City and its surrounding areas, including El Reno and Union City.


    Just an incredible amount of tornado's this year. And it's June 1st so you know what THAT means...
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    Some of the films I've seen in the last day remind me of a long saturday afternoon in Kansas somewhere about 1971 or 72. I sat on my front porch and counted 41 twisters come down out of the clouds and then had to go in to get out of the rain. It stormed for another 10-12 hours so I have no idea how many more there were.

    It was just that one day though, not a period of weeks.
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    Yes, this season is sure starting out active....Pray for us all!

    I've been stuck indoors all day with the exception of a vet appt.

    I am fostering some kittens so I had some time with them,which is nice, but I'm starting to get cabin fever.
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