golden cuteness

In between visiting and comforting Moore, OK tornado victims in late May, a comfort dog named Moses received a little dog therapy of his own.
Grateful folks in Moore gave Moses, a two-year-old Golden Retriever, a little stuffed dog to cuddle during his downtime.

After a 500 mile journey to Oklahoma from his home in Cario, Nebraska, Moses joined eight other K-9 Parish Comfort Dogs from across the country. The dogs visited hospitals, churches and temporary shelters, spreading furry dog love and putting smiles back on faces.

Moses (with some help from his handlers) posts updates on his own Facebook page.
On one update he reports, “My favorite was a sweet little girl that had been at Plaza Towers Elementary when the tornado hit. She had some scrapes on her arms and legs. Her house also had roof damage, so most everything was ruined by the rain. It was nice to be able to give her some comfort!”

What a sweet boy you are, Moses! Enjoy your stuffed puppy…you deserve it