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    Michelle Obama loses her cool: First Lady threatens to leave fundraiser after lesbian protester heckles her - and the White House deletes exchange from official transcript

    First lady loses her cool and said: 'Listen to me or you can take the mic, but I'm leaving. You all decide'
    Protester was angry about President's failure to order federal contractors to stop discriminating against gays and lesbians in hiring
    The official pool reporter caught the fracas, but the White House later released a transcript that omitted the entire exchange
    'I simply couldn't stay silent any longer,' the heckler said later
    The president supports an 'Employment Non-Discrimination Act,' but promised when campaigning in 2008 to sign an executive order instead

    By David Martosko

    First lady Michelle Obama's speech at a Washington D.C. political fundraiser was interrupted by a lesbian protester on Tuesday night, and she threatened to leave the event if the gay rights activist wasn't forced to leave. But the official White House transcript doesn't indicate anything about the heckler or Mrs Obama's audible reaction.

    While the first lady was speaking to approximately 200 Democratic Party loyalists who paid up to $10,000 to attend the event at the upmarket Washington home of a wealthy lesbian couple, the protester interrupted with demands that the president issue an executive order forcing federal contractors to stop discriminating against gay and transgendered job applicants.

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    Given that it was a fundraiser where donors had actually paid for the privilege of hobnobbing with her, I'm surprised that the other attendees didn't try to shut down the heckler. Conservatives are constantly getting heckled by Progressives at events, and often are unable to speak because of this kind of rudeness and incivility, and it's just as objectionable when they do it to somebody that we don't like, so I don't actually blame her for getting annoyed at the heckler (although I doubt that Michelle will apply this lesson the next time a conservative speaks somewhere, but then, we tend to be more consistent in applying rules than they are).

    However, what is rankling is that the White House effectively censored the exchange and the media went along with it. Note that this article appeared in the British press. If Laura Bush or Nancy Reagan had been harassed by a heckler, it would have been front page news here.
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    Please, please! Somebody take the mic and shut that bish up!
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