Samantha Power and the UN are a perfect match

And so it came to pass. Samantha Power has finally made it into the top tier of the Obama administration.

Power is reputed to be one of President Obama’s closest advisers. Until now, she was the relatively lowly director of multilateral affairs at the National Security Council. With her reported imminent appointment as the US Ambassador to the United Nations, what I predicted at the beginning of the Obama presidency has now happened: that in a second term, he would promote to the front rank those who were so extreme and so dangerous to the well-being of America and the civilised world that in his first term, so as not to frighten the horses, he would keep them in the lower ranks out of sight.

Well, we should all be frightened by Samantha Power.

She is the living embodiment of the way in which ‘human rights’ have morphed into their absolute opposite, and instead of providing a protection against tyranny have been turned into the anvil upon which freedom and justice are being smashed. >>>

Samantha Power and the UN are thus a perfect match.

Yes, this is the one married to the radical lefty Cass Sunstein and who like Øligula, spent her formative years elsewhere. The same who has opined that we should invade Israel to impose a "just peace" for the Palestinians. A wonderful piece of work .. this ...