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    I'm sure you've been watching the news:

    Santa Monica shooting: two dead, six transported to hospitals

    At least six people were transported to hospitals in the wake of the shooting and crime spree in the Santa Monica College area. Two bodies were found inside a home near campus that the gunman allegedly set on fire, law enforcement source said.

    The sources said the gunman allegedly set the home on fire, opened fire on several cars and appeared to try to carjack two vehicles. One of the carjackings occurred near the campus library and college police station.

    The suspect fled to the library, where he was wounded by police, the sources added.

    Police said they are trying to piece together the crime spree.

    The bomb squad has also been called to the campus.

    The California Highway Patrol said it received reports of shots fired at 11:55 a.m. at the corner of 17th and Pearl streets on the south side of the Santa Monica College campus. Sources said the shootings occurred in "multiple locations."

    CHP officer Vince Ramirez told The Times one suspect is in custody and that officers are trying to determine if there was a second shooter. Other sources said they believe there was only one shooter.
    At around 1 p.m., six sheriffs ran into a parking lot at 17th and Pico Boulevard with guns drawn. A car with bullet holes was visible in one college lot.

    Alan Bass, 48, of Los Angeles was pacing anxiously outside the campus hoping to hear from his son, who was on campus during the shooting. Bass said his son was taking an exam Friday and had called about 10 minutes before noon to say he was taking a break from studying.

    Suddenly he heard three shots fired and his son said he had to go. "He's not answering the phone right now," Bass said.
    Some weird things going on down there:

    1. Young Asian male (Michael Lin) in blue jeans arrested by SMPD. When asked by KFI newsman Eric Leonard why he was being arrested, the young man shouted, "I found the weapons."

    2. Witness in library (on KFI's John and Ken show) heard 1 shot in library followed by 15 consecutive shots.

    3. Obama did not leave his fundraiser.

    4. Student witnesses rounded up by SMPD in buses to give statements.
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