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The President needs to start an honest dialogue about trust
A public dialogue about what the government is going to do to reestablish trust in the Congress, the Executive & Judicial branches with the American people.

He needs to do it soon. And it needs to be followed by action. And he'd better fucking mean it.

IMHO of course.

Another speech declaring how wonderful Obama is and how awful everyone else is. "It's THEIR fault!!!111!@"

As if ANYTHING he says has ANY meaning. One doesn't develop trust by TALKING about it and then lying and doing exactly the opposite of what you say.
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6., the professional lefts fault for reacting to our sloppy ass'd M$M and their horrible reportin

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...instead of waiting a sec or two and getting the real skinny on the issue.

Bush broke the law, Obama is following the law and get a new congress if we don't like they law... period end of story

I really don't listen much to the "Americas Government is the Horrible" crowd either, that's not been my experience
Yea, they are in that alternative reality where they say what they want in order to absolve Obama and blame Bush and conservatives. Look, a bird!!! (Scandal, what scandal? It's a FAKE scandal!!111!)
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10. I really think talks about trust are a waste of time

a person either acts trustworthy, or they dont

even if they stumble, trust can be restored, but it's restored with actions, not words
And Obama doesn't act trustworthy.