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    Occupy and nadin, perfect together!!!!

    Fri Jun 7, 2013, 04:29 PM

    Occupy is dead, it's ineffective...

    So, I woke up with some not completely unexpected news, but surprising nonetheless.

    The San Onofre Station is to be decommissioned.

    Now, here is some background from the pesky reporters notebook.

    The slight nuclear release that led to the findings of the redesign parameter happened after Fukushima. So Carol Jankwow from Occupy Encinitas brought this...we might need to organize to the General Assembly. Occupy Encinitas is...admitedly, a small group, but after a lively discussion, the GA achieved consensus and a plan was born.

    The GA was also aproached by other grass roots organizers among them Ray Lutz and Marta Sullivan. They also approached other Occupy groups, such as Vista, which joined them. Off to the races we go.

    Their aproach originally was a tad of civil disobedience with a lot of education and getting city councils all over San Diego's north County and South Orange County to pass on resolutions.

    Then they attended almost every government open meeting, and held some creative demonstrations outside the plant. Oh...there was some occupying of courts as well, regarding the CPUC. They wanted to keep an open meeting closed, those pesky demonstrators are, the judge was not convinced they posed a clear and open threat.

    While SCE blames the NRC, the NRC got a lot of citizen pressure, and later were joined by a couple US Senators.

    But here I sit, occupy is dead, and damn it, ineffective.

    Now on to write the story on citizen action and a casino... But I thought this little insight might help to get some added context...

    May the FORCE be with you!
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    Occupukes did this. Right. The plant has been offline since Jan 2012 and then there's this:

    June 7, 2013 (San Onofre) Southern California Edison (SCE) announced today that it will permanently decommission both reactors at its troubled Onofre nuclear generation plant. (SCE has made this decision due to the uncertainty brought by the increased requirements for safety from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).
    If if wasn't cost prohibitive that sucker would be fired up as soon as possible.

    Hey, idiots in Southern Cali...enjoy the rolling blackouts this summer.
    Be Not Afraid.
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    OWS was a movement by a bunch of noisey reality challenged Trust-Fund Babies and their butt/ bong buddies who wanted the State to give them free stuff and destroy anyone who created their own wealth.

    Thankfully, the movement did what many wild-eyed Moonbat had did the past when a political meet morphed into bong/ booze party.

    OWS was found hugging a soiled toilet after choking to death on someone's else's vomit. And the whole time OWS friends and admirers stand around saying " I never saw it coming. "
    CU's Paranormal Expert.

    Keep your powder dry, your sword sharp and your wits intact.
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