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  1. #1 Does green coffee really help you lose weight? 
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    06/04/2013 | ConsumerAffairs

    By Mark Huffman
    Coffee lovers enjoy the rich aroma and strong taste of a freshly roasted cup of java, but could we be missing out on some of the beverage's benefits?

    Increasingly, health enthusiasts argue that the properties found in green coffee beans beans that haven't been roasted can help you lose weight, along with other health benefits.

    TV's Doctor Oz may have popularized the belief last year when one of his shows extolled the virtues of green coffee. He called it &...

    Green coffee beans can help control blood sugar and promote weight loss
    Scientists say the findings could help in prevention of type 2 diabetes
    04/11/2013 | ConsumerAffairs

    By James R. Hood

    Coffee does a lot of good things, starting with keeping us awake. But scientists at an American Chemical Society meeting in New Orleans say coffee, especially unroasted coffee, may also help us prevent type 2 diabetes and even help us lose weight.

    That's because coffee contains high leels of chlorogenic acids, a family of substances that occur naturally in apples, cherries, plums, dried plums and other fruits and vegetables. Roasting reduces the effectiveness of the subs...

    Much more>
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    I remember the day the Dr Oz episode aired. I know of a place that not have any in stock. It was nuts.

    I think Dr. Oz has came up with about 100 weight loss endorsements since then.

    They sell for a while then start to collect dust on the shelf.

    Hypothetically speaking of course, what do I know?
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