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You've clearly never been to a Black Friday sale. I'd rather face a dozen jihadis than those chubby housewives during a door buster.

People don't evolve past the need for belief systems. We may learn more about the world around us, but we still have systems of belief that fill in the gaps. Atheism as a belief simply flatters the atheist, who considers himself more evolved than those poor benighted fools who worship what he sees as primitive sky spirits, while the atheist worships himself. The various pathological ideologies of the left can only flourish among spoiled, self-absorbed narcissists who see themselves as superior entities, even as they espouse ideas that wouldn't stand a moment's scrutiny if they looked at them dispassionately.
I think that's too broad a statement. There really is a segment of the population which does not require supernatural explanations for the unknown- they simply accept that there is an unknown or rely on theories which would suggest that the unknown isn't completely unknown. For example, as I understand it, Chinese native culture has no Creation myth. They simply accept that there was a beginning of some sort. This would be consistent with a scientific approach. Buddhism, the non god-ized version, is in essence the belief that we are energy (luminous beings are we - Yoda) and that energy is not destroyed in death but released. That's a fairly respectable philosophy given when it was conceived and that it essentially grew out of Hinduism, which of course includes a considerable amount of belief in alien visitation than JCI.

It's not narcissism to hold that universal morality is an evolution of philosophy and not a gift from various gods who at the same time have repeatedly demonstrated in mythology that they are anything but moral.