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Because President Obama is NOT evil; that is why many of us trust and defend him...

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A recurring question on DU from the president's detractors goes something like this:

Why is it that when Bush spied on Americans, we were all up in arms, but when Obama does it, it's o.k.?

I think I can offer a simple answer:

Because I truly believe that the president is NOT an evil man. I believe that if something is going on with the NSA, there are no nefarious reasons for it.

Bush/Cheney, on the other hand, ARE evil. They did things to the American people FOR nefarious reasons. They lied us into an unnecessary war; they did everything they could to punish those who dare spoke out against them.

I do not see that with this president. And though I do not think Barack Obama is perfect--FAR FROM IT--I do not believe that he is the boogey man. He is NOT Bush.


PRISM Program: Obama Administration Held 22 Briefings For Congress On Key FISA Law
Sam Stein
Updated: 06/10/2013 7:19 pm EDT

WASHINGTON -- Obama administration officials held 22 separate briefings or meetings for members of Congress on the law that has been used to justify the National Security Agency's controversial email monitoring program, according to data provided by a senior administration official......

blah blah blah........
In other words, Democrat=good, Republican=evil.

Liberals calling Republican presidents evil=good, conservatives criticizing Obama's policies and actions=hateful and racist.
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62. I would argue that it is not the Obama supporters who make it all about Obama the man.

Just the opposite. Rather than pointing the finger squarely at Congress, any time there's some outrage, the detractors immediately blame Obama. You should look at all the threads that attack the man directly, his character, suggesting that he's evil like Bush. That's why I began this make the larger point.

I said it in my post and I'll say it again--I neither defend EVERYTHING Obama does, nor do I think he's perfect. I do, however, believe that he is essentially a good man (like President Carter was) who makes bad decisions from time to time, but also does GOOD things more often than not.

I think it's just the opposite when I come here on DU and other liberal blogs: it is THEY who make it all about Obama, especially expecting him to do things that he has no constitutional authority to do. They act as if he is a one-man government who controls everything through Executive Orders. That's not the way it works. Even with Executive Orders, they are useless without congressional action (through the budget). For example: complaining about Obama not closing Gitmo when he has attempted to do just that for years. Rather than blaming Republicans for obstructing and how they tried to scare Americans into believe that criminals would be released to American prisions (remember that?), they wrongly blamed Obama. Even now, they claim that Gitmo could be closed with an Executive Order, but the question remains: where would the prisioners go? Which local government in the U.S. would take them? In addition, they claim that Obama could stop sending prisioners there. Well, that's exactly what he has done while being shouted down by Medea Benjamin. As he was explaining that he has indeed placed a moratorum on sending prisioners/the accused to Gitmo, he was being rudely interrupted by Medea. On Friday night, Bill Maher allowed the claim that Obama continues to send prisioners to Gitmo go unchallenged. It is because Maher didn't know the facts. And there have been many instances where Obama's detractors--on BOTH sides of the ideological spectrum--simply cannot wait for the facts to come out before they start damning Obama the Man to hell. They make it all about him, just as the Teabaggers do. There are a lot of similarities between Obama detractors on the political left and those on the right---it is THEY who make it about Obama the Man. Not Congress. Not the Courts. Not the Republicans. Not the cowardly Democrats in the Senate. It's all about Obama if it is HE alone who controls government.

So you see: I would like to hear these detractors, just once, blame the obstructionists FIRST. I would like for them to wait for facts before knee-jerk reactions targeted squarely at Obama.
Facts on Obama and his scandals=lying from Obama admin and articles written by those who worship Obama and will write anything to cover his butt to give liberals cover to say....see it's a manufactured scandal, as they ignore the truth and disseminate the lies.
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2. Then you will have no basis to complain about methods when evil again resides in the White House
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3. this is your reasoned response?

That Obama's not as bad as Bush because he is not evil? ugh ugh ugh
A mole, or someone not sufficiently indoctrinated at DU?
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53. Yes, that is how I feel.. plus the fact that what President Obama is doing is actually legal

Bushie/Cheney couldnt care less about laws and rights and regulations.