FirstLight (8,534 posts)

I took off my Obama stickers yesterday
that's it. I am done thinking that anything between Government and "Hope" can do anything to get shit done and make good decisions for the whole of us.

Here we are into the SECOND term...
Gitmo is a disgrace...(what ever happened to the hunger strikers? don't ask)
troops still in Afghanistan (oh yeah, out by next year, riiiight)
drones still killing children in Pakistan
Wall St still in business
poverty on the rise (but, but JOBS!)
Climate Change unfettered... (howz that Pipeline comin?)

All these things that our POTUS said he would "do" or "fix" or whatever... and instead we are sitting here watching the drama play out over Patriot Act bullshit that was already in place and CONTINUED under this Administration...watching the gameplaying between these men in 'power' as the sequester continues without an end in sight. it's just a game to them, WE don't matter, unless they want campaign donations.

I've decided that at least the Rethugs are openly hostile and out to screw us and they don't hide it.
The Dems spew this hopey-changey preaching and smile and shake our they quietly slide the knife into our backs.

I am pissed and have no HOPE left for ANY of us
From now on, I'm just gonna work on my life and figuring out how to move past survival
No more believing in politics or people to change shit.
I'll make changes on the ground in my own world, and 'Rome' can burn.
Star Member dgibby (8,239 posts)
122. I have friends and family members who are, quite literally, too depressed to discuss

anything remotely related to politics in this country. It's Shock Doctrine on steroids, and it's having the desired effect on a lot of people. They just shut down -like a turtle withdrawing into it's shell.
Star Member madokie (36,890 posts)
56. How can people not see this?

Its not like the President is a dictator. In fact when it comes right down to it his powers are very limited. Especially this President. The first thing the opposition party did was to announce that they would not work with this president under any circumstances and by doggies they've done just that. They kneecapped him right from the start of the game. How is that legal? How is it that the republicon voters allow that to happen. Only one thing comes to mind to me and that is we have a bunch of Racist mo'fo's amongst us
Star Member RKP5637 (25,770 posts)
91. Sadly, I think your last sentence sums it all up, they hate the black man

in office. ... does not matter what he does, they want the black man out of office and in his place.
Star Member madokie (36,890 posts)
113. Blinded by hate

I was so naive for years in thinking we as a country was past that.
It appears we have a lot of the same right here amongst us evidenced by the fact some can't wait to pile on him for any bullshit story the haters throw out there. I'm beginning to be embarrassed by the association.
Ah yes, the tried and FALSE delusion that Obama should be able to do whatever he wants otherwise hes the VICTIM of RACISM, RACISM, RACISM!!11!!1!!

But of course THEIR outspoken hatred of Republicans and conservatives doesn't count.
And it devolved into arguments and the acceptable kind of name calling.