OWASSO, Oklahoma -

Workers did the best they could to clean up a smelly mess Tuesday morning on Highway 169 in Owasso.

Owasso Police say a rendering plant truck heading south spilled its load on the highway, bringing traffic to a standstill near 96th Street.

Police say the truck was transporting the material in large, open containers on a trailer when the driver tried to stop quickly for slower traffic. Officers say that caused the material to slosh forward, drenching the truck and spilling matter onto the roadway.

Countless vehicles drove through the smelly mess before police could stop traffic and begin a clean-up.

Police say the Oklahoma Department of Transportation recommended using soda ash to dry up the greasy spill. They say trying to wash it off with water would have just made it more slick.

Police say highway crews removed most of the debris but warn the odor will be present for quite some time
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It would have sucked to have been caught in the middle of this, I wonder home many drivers got sick and contributed to the mess?