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Fox News: Trayvon Would Be Alive If He Didn’t Have Street Attitude
More dog whistles from Fox...

On Tuesday afternoon, former New York City police detective Harry Houck told that Trayvon Martin would still be alive today if he didn’t have “street attitude.”

Houck was part of a live panel discussion about George Zimmerman’s ongoing trial for the alleged second-degree murder of Martin. After co-panelist Tamara Holder (a criminal defense attorney) pointed out that the state’s prosecution will likely point out how Martin was only carrying a bag of candy and a can of iced tea at the time of his death, Houck responded that regardless of whether the selected jury is “impartial,” the seed will already have been planted that Martin was an innocent, unarmed teenager:

“She was talking about the Skittles that he had, and the Coca-Cola that Trayvon Martin had. That doesn’t look good for the defense because he’s injecting something into their minds, like, this is a little kid with candy walking around the street. Listen, Trayvon Martin would be alive today if he didn’t have a street attitude. That’s the bottom line.”

He was an innocent, unarmed teenager! Apparently 'street attitude' AKA 'walking around while black' carries the death penalty.
Ummmm.......who's RACIST here? I think the one who thinks that only a black person can have a "street attitude".

And Martin was an "innocent, unarmed teenager" just like Occupy Wall street were "peaceful protesters"-meaning you have to be deaf, blind and dumb to think so.
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1. and zimmerman is a hideous piece of shit fucked up thug with a record of violence against others

zimmerman actually has a violent record against him.

but i guess it's ok if you shoot and kill a black kid.
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3. Code speak

Code speak for "uppity n****r"
DU is full of racists tonight.
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7. Sadly a few DUers agree with Fox's perspective on this story....
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9. I know

I wonder what they are being paid for their efforts here.
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5. fox playing to their audience. Shameful. A$$hole racist NRA & fox and repub./libertarian soundbytes.

and Fox is looking to start a race war if there is a split jury or bad verdict.

Plays right into the NRA soundbytes
The only ones starting a race war are those that claim this is all about race when it isn't.
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13. There were photos in an earlier thread of jurors looking a Zimmerman as he came in. They

did not look impressed. I don't think he's going to do as well as some think, again IMO..
That's a new one. If jurors don't look "impressed" when a defendant walks in then they are going to convict him/her.?
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18. He'd be alive if George didn't have a gun and the itch to hunt someone down
Ah yes, here we have the rational minded, astute, logic driven DUer.....NOT!!!
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40. No. Vigilantes such as Zimmerman need to feel the fiercest effects of justice.
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42. The Fox Opinion Channel: the media arm of the KKK since 1997!
Hmmmm....I didn't know that Fox News was started by and staffed by Democrats.