OMG!!! Pitt point out DUmmie hypocrisy!!!!!

Tue Jun 11, 2013, 03:49 PM

This is what hurts my brain a little bit.

For years and years and years, a chorus of voices was raised against George W. Bush's so-called "War on Terror." It's a fraud, a scam, a way to push the wars, a way to screw our rights, a way to make money, etc. Here on DU, one could not swing one's dead cat by the tail without striking a thread making this argument, filled with many people agreeing vehemently.

In the last several days, with all the NSA revelations, a lot of those same voices from all those years have defended the NSA and the whole operation by claiming, in essence, "The NSA needs to do this for the 'War on Terror.'" Not just on DU, mind you, but everywhere.

So I guess the "War on Terror" is all legit and stuff now.

Strange days indeed.

Most peculiar, momma.

Better watch it William, the Hive will only allow so much...