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  1. #1 This is what hurts my brain a little bit. 
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    OMG!!! Pitt point out DUmmie hypocrisy!!!!!

    Tue Jun 11, 2013, 03:49 PM

    This is what hurts my brain a little bit.

    For years and years and years, a chorus of voices was raised against George W. Bush's so-called "War on Terror." It's a fraud, a scam, a way to push the wars, a way to screw our rights, a way to make money, etc. Here on DU, one could not swing one's dead cat by the tail without striking a thread making this argument, filled with many people agreeing vehemently.

    In the last several days, with all the NSA revelations, a lot of those same voices from all those years have defended the NSA and the whole operation by claiming, in essence, "The NSA needs to do this for the 'War on Terror.'" Not just on DU, mind you, but everywhere.

    So I guess the "War on Terror" is all legit and stuff now.

    Strange days indeed.

    Most peculiar, momma.

    Better watch it William, the Hive will only allow so much...
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    Quote Originally Posted by SarasotaRepub View Post
    OMG!!! Pitt point out DUmmie hypocrisy!!!!!

    Better watch it William, the Hive will only allow so much...
    Some of these comments really make me wonder how these idiots tie their own shoes:

    A Simple Game (4,905 posts) 21. The thing about this war on terror that gets me is

    if you take away one catastrophic incident on 9/11 and the two wars that followed it, all you have for terrorism amounts to a pimple on an elephants butt.

    We would have been better off just ignoring what happened on 9/11, much better off. I firmly believe we caused more terrorism after the 9/11 incident than all of other the terrorists combined. Afghanistan and Iraq did nothing to us, nothing at all.

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    Had we ignored 9/11, what does this idiot think would have happened next? Spontaneous outbreaks of puppies and unicorns throughout the Middle East? Does a Simple Mind really think that Bin Laden would have just packed up his Qur'ans and gone back to previewing virgins on the internet if we'd just turned the other cheek? These people want us dead, converted or enslaved. There are no other options for them, and they are prepared to kill as many of us as it takes in order to achieve that goal. It would be nice if the DUmmies would take some of the energy that they apply to the fictional problems of Global Warming and actually apply it to dealing with the people that are openly bragging about how much they want to kill us.
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    Maybe he got hit by a brick again.


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    Original message
    So on top of everything else, some ass just smashed my face with a brick

    Yep. Just got back from the Kerry rally in Copley. Spent nearly eight hours standing in the cold rain and waind waiting for the word...and then the word came, and didn't come, and is hovering like doom...

    So I am walking in the back door of my apartment building, and I hear someone behind me. I turn, and this douchebag threw a brick at my head. It mostly hit my shoulder, but bashed into my jaw. Pretty clearly a mugging attempt; the person who did it was young. Nothing is broken, I don't think. I can still work my jaw, and my shoulder is moving OK, and no teeth are loose. I have a big scratch on my face, and everything hurts like hell.

    So, the moral of the story: No matter how bad you feel, no matter how crappy was your night, nobody threw a brick at your head.

    Think I'm gonna call the cops.
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