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The problem is we have a bloated welfare state with unfettered access. We do not have an illegal immigrant problem. We have a problem with anyone crossing the border getting complete welfare no questions asked. Great post.

Let me tell you first hand that Law enforcement organizations cannot ever meet the demand to round up process and move to deport every illegal here. They are undermanned, underfunded. It's all government lip service, because they are not providing the resources to make it happen. We only have one office in my region for this and they may get the ones that get locked up for petty crimes.

I agree with the OPs main point. But it's interesting no one was calling McCain a Faux-Conservative and he was one of the main supporters of the complete Amnesty program. It's not a deal breaker for me regarding Rand. He's understands the major issues.

Never heard anyone yet, until today, call any GOP Congressmen or Senator who was directly elected on the Tea Party wave a Fake. The way things are going lately in congress, they are the next leaders.
How many times have illegals committed crimes, been arrested, even gone to prison, only to be RELEASED RIGHT BACK ONTO THE STREETS TO COMMIT MORE CRIMES! How about we start be deporting the ones in custody. That'd be a good start. This is why the "we can't deport all of them" argument is a weak one. Oh, and for the record, please name me one person here who ever thought McCain was/is conservative let alone said as much.