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Upon examining the photos of unmitigated destruction your neighborhood has suffered I can only conclude that you are prone to exaggeration.
The destruction of a community doesn't always look like a tornado hit. I have a problem with two rental houses near my house. Both have had one check tenants, tenants who pay one month's rent and then wait to be evicted. Before they are evicted, they usually allow the utilities to be cut off. They stop mowing the lawn or picking up trash deposited there by themselves or passing yoots on their way to the high school. My neighbors and I have mowed the grass at the corner house because the landlord is irresponsible. He just repaired the roof this week for damage done by a storm shortly after Katrina went by. The landlords can't keep tenants because the rents are artificially inflated for some reason. Given the number of vacant properties in this area, and the cost of buying a house in this area, I would say that the rents are at least 50% overpriced. Landlords would counter that the quality of the renters means it's better to charge more and have a higher turn over than to charge less and have stable tenants. There is a name for that, but it's not been socially acceptable since 1970.