Broke out the Grill for the first time since I moved here. I got a deal on some loin pork ribs, way meaty! I am rusty and forgot to buy wood chips for smoke but without Ginger and the Gator to kill me to death It was real good!

I made a nice spice rub and rubbed them in the mornin. Got the grill to 250-300 degrees. used the middle burner with a water pan over it and the ribs on each side.
Cooked for about 3 hours, every 1/2 hour I sprayed them down with beer in a spray bottle. When they were almost done I got rid of the water tin and had some sweet corn with butter, salt, pepper and basil wrapped in foil. Put them right over the flame while I mopped the ribs with some Sweet Baby Ray's Chipotle and honey BBQ sauce. The rest was history!

Rubbed and ready

The set up

Gettin there


Oh Yeah!