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    Quote Originally Posted by Arroyo_Doble View Post
    That means you didn't answer the question. And still haven't.
    It was irrelevant to my argument, but you are certainly free to Google it if you wish.

    If it makes you feel better.
    I never felt bad to begin with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arroyo_Doble View Post
    When was the rule made?
    It was made under Clinton, who, you may recall, was the last president who tried to impose nationalized health care on the rest of us.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arroyo_Doble View Post
    It is relevant if you are trying to tie it to the Affordable Care Act.

    But since you ignore that question, how about this one: Whose place did she take in line?
    Nobody's. The rule prevented her from being added to the recipient list. It didn't bump her ahead of anyone.

    Now, here's a question for you:

    Do you think that a bureaucrat should decide who goes on the transplant list, or should it be up to the medical professionals who do the procedures and the patients who contract with them?
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