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    As you all know, the wife and I are working with an adoption agency in hopes of getting a child. This organization also did our home study for the state and we became friendly with the woman who conducted the home study so when the agency needed to do their own home study, we were delighted that they sent this same woman to do it. Well, this lady's first husband died from cancer and she ended up getting remarried and her new husband also got cancer, the same cancer as her late husband. Well, they were invited to be a part of an experimental treatment in Virginia so they moved there to take part and evidently, it worked and he ended up cancer free. Well, shortly after, they found another lump and not only was the new cancer terminal, he didn't have much time. Well, yesterday we had a meeting with the case worker who replaced her and she told us, against the will of her boss, that our first case worker and her husband had died. Took me a second but she wasn't forthcoming with many details but I asked her if what I am assuming was true and she just nodded. Their deaths were a double suicide. My wife and I are simply crushed to hear this news because she was such a terrific lady and to hear that they both felt that they should go together, I just don't have the words. I don't know her family but she did have children and grandchildren and I can't help but feel for them.
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    That's horrible and sad. It's sad that she felt she couldn't live without him, or go through losing a husband again.

    A couple of coworkers of mine have committed suicide over the years. It happens, even with social workers. One of them was a complete shock to all of us, and the other was not so much.
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