Liberals are getting nervous that their hero, Obama might get the U.S. into a war. But you know NOTHING he does, to those who worship him, is HIS FAULT.

Therefore if Obama gets the U.S. into a war, who is it the fault of?????................

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Once they can force Obama into another illegal war
The stage will be set for Jeb - that is all.
That's right, even when Obama starts an "illegal war" it is the fault of the Republicans.

The contortions they go through to protect Obama and rationalize their support of him is quite impressive and pathetic as well.
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1. Once again you are correct
cali (81,012 posts)
3. I love how you absolve the President of any and all responsibility

it's so interesting the way you do that about every single thing you don't like that the administration does- you automatically absolve the President.