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    Saw trailers for this on ABC Family and being a foster parent it looked interesting not to mention I like Teri Polo's work. Well, tonight they aired the pilot and it started out OK then came the thing that made me turn it off. The foster parents turn out to be a lesbian couple. Not just a lesbian couple, but a black/white lesbian couple. That's all of the PC I can stand. Took all of 10 minutes before turning it off.
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    My bad. I thought this thread was about beer....
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    I haven't seen the show, but people here are talking about it, since it's our business.

    The foster parents have teenagers in their home on the show. Very few foster parents are willing to take teenagers, but I know of at least 3 gay couples who are foster parents, two of them female couples, one male. All are excellent foster parents, but I will say this: when teenaged boys are placed in the home of lesbian couples, they brag about it in school and inevitably, someone at the school is offended.

    Gay couples are sometimes willing to take kids that no one else wants. With teens, the choice may be between a gay couple and a "residential treatment center". Which is better for the kids? To live in an institution, where they will likely be forced to take medication, go to an on-grounds school instead of a neighborhood school, and given psychiatric diagnoses that will follow them the rest of their lives, or live with a gay couple and go to a regular school, eat home-cooked food, talk to friends on the phone, take driver's education when eligible, and so on.
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