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10 kids, 2 dads
Trying to do a phone interview with Clint McCormack and Bryan Reamer, the two parents who were featured in OWN’s “10 Kids, 2 Dads” reality special last year, is a lot like trying to get honey out of a bee-lined hive. You’re not going to have an easy time of it. One kid comes in asking about food, another interrupts to talk about schoolwork, a third has just awoken from a nap and wants attention.

Still, somehow, the dads manage to live in this sort of controlled chaotic environment and create a loving family atmosphere where everyone is happy.

As a committed gay couple living in suburban Michigan, the couple knew they wanted to start a family, but 10 kids and nonstop commotion wasn’t exactly what they had envisioned.

What might seem crazy to most just felt right to the Farmington Hills couple, that originally set out to adopt just one child before eventually winding up with their 10 boys. McCormack comes from a family of six children while Reamer has just a brother, but both wanted to raise a family.

My sister used to be their neighbors, not only is she homophobic and a racist, she's a republican (go figure!).
Yes my sister and her husband moved and the neighborhodd is better off for it.
I've been waiting for all the scathing remarks about how that is too many kids, and they can't give them the love and the attention they need when they have so many kids. Every time there us an OP is about a large family, biological or adopted, they go on and on about how terrible it is, and call the parents every name in the book.

But so far it's *crickets*. I guess since it is two gay guys it all of a sudden makes it OK, or something.
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1. Loved the article

Never saw the show, but it was nice to read the story about them.
Sorry about your sister. It's her loss IMO
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2. so wonderful!
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3. That was a great read. I'm exhausted and who's going to do the laundry?..LOL...n/t
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4. K&R Great article, thank you for posting it.
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5. Your welcome.
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6. Thanks so much for this good news!


I think good news is catching up with the bad! These are two great guys. I hope they are left alone to raise all those boys. Families come in all shapes and sizes. And looks like they've got a good one going there. Here's a kiss and hug for all of them from MaMaw ReRe! (Sorry, Java turned off.)
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7. Right back atcha!
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8. Kick!