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    Quote Originally Posted by noonwitch View Post
    In 6 months, the scandals will be forgotten by everyone except the people who hate Obama so much that they can think of nothing else.
    Oh Noonie ...

    I don't think you are a bad woman, you do good things for your clients on a day to day basis, and your heart is in the right place ... I do read most of your posts.

    Only thing is, being the conservative that I am, the best advice I can give you (unasked for that is) is to take heed of Ody's posts. He always keeps things in perspective.

    I do not think for one minute that these scandals will just lie there and be forgotten. Tried to be "covered up" yes, absolutely ... (with whatever latest distractions the admin can come up with) ... but no longer is possible now that even some libs in congress are starting to pay attention.
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