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Odysseus, that's a world-class response in it's clarity and content. It is scary to think of how many people fit neatly into the attitude you describe.

One thing for sure....I will never, ever argue with you. Never!
Sure you will, but don't sweat it. I'm not right all of the time. I was pretty sure that I was wrong about something once, but it turned out that I was wrong about that.

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It's already being distanced from him. It's now all about how Snowdon is a criminal. Even republicans are defending the program.
While Snowden's conduct has been criminal (I've explained why I think that he should be prosecuted elsewhere), the NSA story comes on the heels of Obama staffers abusing information in other federal agencies, such as the IRS, to harass and suppress opposition. Holder was caught lying about approving warrants against a Fox reporter and the administration's collection of AP phone and email records, and a slew of other abuses. The issue is not simply whether the NSA should be monitoring communications of possible terrorists, but whether the pervasively corrupt Obama administration can be trusted to do the right thing with the data that it collects. That is where this is going to bite Democrats, especially those congressional Democrats who demanded that the IRS attack conservative groups, or who have tried to undermine the investigations into Benghazi, Fast and Furious (and Holder's perjuries) and who have demonstrated a blithe disregard for lawbreaking in their own party.

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One problem. People may not like Obama so much, but they've made it clear that they've had enough of Republican/tea party economics. I do think it's possible to get a Republican win after showing how much of a jerk Obama's being about the latest abortion act (prohibiting it after about 20 weeks due to pain), but we're going to need a lot more media coverage for that to happen. Either that or a production that freaks people out on the subject.
Obama's already set it up so that 12 year olds can get the morning after pill without parental notification. Why would one more outrage alienate his base?

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Nobody cares enough about the gay marriage thing. Employment actually is going up. People are still badly wanting healthcare reform. I suppose if more people than expected end up paying a fine, that could also set up Republican victory. However, I can see some more centrist Republicans promising to only reform Obamacare and not completely get rid of it.
I dispute that nobody cares about gay marriage. Gays care about it to the exclusion of most issues, but that doesn't mean that the rest of the country is indifferent to it. Most others oppose the state sanctioning it, which is why it has never passed in a single popular vote.

Employment is not going up. The Unemployment Rate has ticked down a couple of tenths of a point this last year, due mostly to people giving up the job search and dropping out of the market, but the far more reliable indicator, the Labor Participation Rate (the ratio between the labor force and the overall size of the national population), has been declining steadily since Obama took office.

When Bush left office, the LPR was 65.70%. Today, it's 63.40% That is a dismal economic record, especially when you consider that this is the longest sustained drop in the rate since they began plotting it.

As Obamacare gradually begins to make its effects felt, the demand for repeal will only increase. Literally every promise made about it has already proven false, from the claim that people could keep their providers to the assumption that costs would fall, and it's only going to get worse as implementation proceeds. Even the Democrats are starting to see it for the "train wreck" that it is.

The biggest problem facing Republicans nationally is that no matter how incompetent, corrupt or just plain wrong Democrats have proven themselves to be on any and all issues, it is almost impossible to counter their mass propaganda. The corruption of the IRS is just one example of how they will use official government agencies to suppress their opposition, but that suppression was critical. The Obama campaign spent close to a billion dollars in the last election cycle, while Romney spent about half that, partly because conservatives were hamstrung in fundraising by the IRS. Throw in the media bias, and every Republican starts out with a 20-30 point disadvantage against them. If the media reported honestly on Obama's incompetence and corruption, his approval rating would be in the single digits.