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Or so says a U of Penn professor: http://www.amren.com/news/2013/06/ms...ing-whiteness/

Everything is race with these people. Pretty soon you can't say you don't like chocolate because of racism.
It's funny you mention chocolate. My sister once attended an elementary school where the black kids got white milk and the white kids got chocolate milk. Well, my sister was always weird (I can say that being her sister. lol). She always wanted white milk instead of chocolate. Some black kid accused her of being a racist. Kids.

This subject is all about how you look at it. Pro-choicers see this subject as being able to help the poor. The rich and middle class can obtain abortions if Roe was overturned and it went to the states. No problem. The poor people are the ones who might resort to more dangerous methods.

The way pro-lifers look at this is to say that abortion has brought about the deaths of several black babies and other minorities (i.e. genocide).

Thing is a lot of the black people are poor. The long term solution to this problem is to help poor people get out of poverty and to offer them resources in the meantime. Yes, abortion should be illegal, but we need to help people get out of poverty.