LOL. The DUmmies don't like being called "racist" for not bowing down and worshiping all things Obama.


sibelian (3,408 posts)

Dear fellow lefties. Before that last few weeks had anyone ever accused you of racism?

Just curious. I'd never before heard of anyone ever accusing a left winger of racism.
On DU those who disagree with Obama and criticize him for the NSA policy collecting data on all US citizens and storing it have been called "racist".
bemildred (67,821 posts)
2. Only on DU. nt
liberal_at_heart (4,015 posts)
3. it seemed to coincide with the NSA scandal. It's kind of weird. Why did this one scandal

make some so desperate to defend Obama that they would take up calling DUers racist?
Because it's what liberals do.
Star Member quinnox (16,083 posts)
5. this is a recycled and cheap tactic from the BOGers actually. They did this in 2008 as well when

Hillary and Obama were dueling. "You racist!" was a common refrain from them back then too, if you were a Hillary supporter.
Nuclear Unicorn (7,162 posts)
64. Ironically, "leftist racism" is a recent/current RW talking point.

But labeling "fellow" progressives who found common cause through 2 presidential elections as "racist" smacks to me of a desperation beyond mere false association.

Being pro-2A I'm used to being called a RW shill or spouting NRA talking points but it was amazing to see the speed at which the racism" label was slapped-on. If the pushback is so fast and so severe as to require that level of escalation in order to protect whatever it is they're defending then it says to me this is a tantamount admission as to the seriousness of the charge.

Accusing critics of racism will not serve the defenders' purpose, it will only exaggerate the consequences once the consequences inevitably come do. Those who stood on principle will not be mollified, they will be insulted. They will still demand a full accounting, as they must, and appeals for leniency will likely fall on deaf ears after they were shown nothing but dishonesty and discourtesy.

Worse, those who have always opposed the President will have been given a golden opportunity to grind their axes and any effort to disconnect them from accounting will be brushed away with a mere, "Oh, you always say that."

Those crying racism are doing themselves -- and in fact, all of us -- a tremendous disservice. They should come to their better senses and quickly.
Puzzledtraveller (2,467 posts)
66. Excellent summary.

There seems to be something underneath these accusations that I can't help but notice. It also appears to be ever increasing, finding any opportunity to silence and marginalize not just opposing views and positions but valid concerns. It is an air of authoritarianism.

We had no problem seeing this during the Bush regime but some can't now and worse, it has been adopted as a tactic not only to throw at the other side but to keep us in line within our own party "you are either with us, or against us".

There is nothing liberal, or progressive about this attitude and I think it lies at the heart of the nastiness we have been seeing lately.
On the contrary there is EVERYTHING LIBERAL AND PROGRESSIVE about this attitude.
Enrique (22,915 posts)
10. yes, and they might have been right

newsflash: left wingers can be racist and the idea that they can't is imho absurd.

I would like to make a distinction however between legitimate accusations and bogus accusations. Because I'm assuming this is about the people accusing Obama critics here of being racist, which is 100% bogus.
Star Member uppityperson (74,907 posts)
70. Yes. Going through Peace Corps 1 wk orientation before shipping out

Being honest I told the interviewer that of course I notice gender, age, hair color, skin, color, other physical characteristics of people but I do the best I can at not letting any of that impact how Inview or treat the person. She wrote "admits is a racist" on her form and I wa uninvited. After obtaining letters of recommendtion from a wide groupmof people, they still said no.

I later found out 8 of 10 nurses were uninvited and they ended up airlifting the remainder out of the country witin 6 months after a military coup (Liberia).
Chan790 (14,115 posts)
118. Oh yes.

It's a long-time tactic of the unconditional anti-war left to smear anybody who disagrees with them as a racist on the premise that you must like the idea of killing brown people. The notion that you might possibly believe that there are legitimate and non-legitimate times and places to use military force is unthinkable....they seem to be confused that there are non-pacifist leftists.