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    Motorola Wants to Use Tattoos, Pills Instead of Smartphone Passwords
    But will consumers want to use them?

    Imagine ditching smartphone passwords and using tattoos (and even pills) for identification instead.

    Motorola is looking to do this with its future devices, and has even started testing the tattoos and pills.

    Motorola's tattoos have already been developed by MC10, a Massachusetts-based engineering firm. They are placed on the smartphone owner's skin using a rubber stamp, and contain flexible electronic circuits.

    Instead of punching in passwords, users just place their smartphones close to their tattoos for verification.

    Dennis Woodside, Motorola’s chief executive, showed off the tattoo technology at the 11th All Things D conference (D11).
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    Yet another reason I never want a smartphone. Like I would ever get a tattoo for any reason.
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